Saturday, March 19, 2011

1 year


1 year ago, I got my Nikon Coolpix L20. A week later, I launched this photoblog.



In my first impressions post, I did mention that maybe I wouldn't be satisfied by this puny little camera. One year on, I think the photos themselves express how terribly wrong I was. The camera does not make the photographer.



Yes, it has its limitations - lack of manual controls, lens distortion, no image stabilisation, slow processor, a preference for oversaturation & a very reflective LCD screen. I don't mind it at all, because it makes shooting photos more challenging & the end-result more gratifying.



The Nikon L20 helped me rediscover photography under a new light. The Rule of Thirds, shutter speed, aperture size & bokeh are some new aspects of photography I've learnt. The photoblog is a timeline of my evolution as an amateur camera-owner. Here’s a look-back at some of the best photos.


Vieille Fille

My first foray with the L20 was shooting my environment. Compact cameras have really good close-up/macro modes. That's why I started with the easiest of all subjects – flowers (& plants).



Everyday objects. Eventually ran out of them…



Insects & animals. Harder to shoot because of their movement.



Festivals & celebrations.



Street photography & other places of interest. Outdoor shoots basically. ;)



As they say, the best camera is the one you have with you. The Nikon L20's biggest asset is its portability - always in my pocket, ready to shoot in a moment's notice. The trip to Black River Gorges with other Mauritian bloggers was the perfect occasion to illustrate that. The L20 was just awesome…



Theme-based sharing of photos on PAPM provided an opportunity for improvement. The results were some of my best shots I’ve ever taken.


Vistas. A reminder of Mauritius’ natural beauty.



Panoramas. Definitely my favourite photography technique. All shot hand-held.




133 posts & 438 comments. Not bad. Most commented post? Surprisingly, it’s not a photo, but a video – Triolet to Port Louis. 

The future? Some more experimentation (gotta repair that tripod I bought) & more self-restraint – take less photos! New camera? I don’t know, but I’m certain it won’t be a DSLR. I’m too much in love with the portability of compact cameras. :)



Truly wonderful experience, isn't it?
That's where you find the usefulness of having a camera that fits in any of your pockets.


cool. How many photos did you take in total worth the camera? That must be easily more than 10k



Around 12,000. :S


hmm the next camera,, look out for a bridge .. heard panasonic has a 10x zoom and manual control if im not mistaken in a compact bdy ;) .. btw DSLR not DLSR .. :)


Thanks, didn't notice that.

Bridges are still not pocketable. :p

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