Friday, February 11, 2011


Panorama 1_2

The burning sky. See that bright spot on the top right? That's the moon. :)


Panorama 2_2

Shot hand-held. Stitched with Arcsoft Panorama Maker.

Larger size – panorama 1 & panorama 2. [3MB]



A week earlier I captured this everyday twilight shot with…



… a new moon. ;)


Panorama 1_2

Panorama 2_2

Panorama 3_2

Another wonderful panorama taken after sunset. For this one, I used my (broken) tripod.

Larger size – panorama 1, panorama 2 & panorama 3. [3MB]


Gaia Eos

beautiful shots

Sou Raksha

Now this 'Twilight', I'm totally loving it ;)

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