Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vieille Fille IV


More Lantana camara, this time fuschia.



Taken at UOM, with Nokia N8. Previous posts are here – I, II, III.


Siganus Sutor

What happened, you ran out of ice? Some shaved ice would have looked n-ice around these colourful flowers.


Ha! Moving on to other subjects of interest. That reminds me I should look for a "glaçon rapé" vendor...

Siganus Sutor

Not so long ago I was wondering whether the word “glaçon” shouldn't be seen as a mauritianism. Aren't the French using the word “glace” (as in “glace pilée” or “de la glace avec votre whisky ?”) where we mostly use the word “glaçon”? In Mauritius “glace” would be “ice cream”, or “mirror”, and not so much “ice”. E.g. “mo frizider pé fer glason”/“mon frigidaire fait du glaçon”. What do you think?

Incidentally, this week I saw vielles filles that were a pale uniform yellow. I don't remember ever seeing this variety before.


In French, "glaçon" is an ice cube, while in Mauritius, it is associated with ice. So yes, that would be a mauricianisme.

Natia Ke Beta

Banne fotos la zoli! Pa pe croire tone tire sa ek ene portable! Keep it up! :D


@Natia Ke Beta
Thanks! :)

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