Wednesday, May 26, 2010



First panorama shot - the azure sea, the shipwrecks, the mountains, the GRNW delta, the boats & ships.

Larger size - 1.1MB
Location: -20.164172, 57.476708 - Bain des Dames, Cassis.
Software: Arcsoft Panorama Maker 4 + Photoshop CS5



did you enjoy shooting this panorama? :-)
btw, how did you do it? Sticking several pics or feature of the camera?


maybe feature of the camera. doing a panorama without a tripod. wow.


My camera doesn't have built-in panorama stitching, only a superimposed guide to help taking the photos.

For joining the panorama, I first tried AutoStitch - which didn't work because it ran out of memory.
Then I tried Panorama Maker (came with the Nikon cd). If the photos are too big, it gives out corrupted jpegs (because of lack of memory). So I had to resize all the photos & then join them.
& then retouch them in Photoshop because there was contrasting stitching done... (here as well, Photoshop gave out of memory errors because it struggled to handle the large photo).

Conclusion: Shooting a panorama is easy... Joining it isn't. :|


@Carrot : You should decrease the output height and width in AutoStitch so as to avoid it running out of memory.

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