Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Triolet to Port Louis

From Triolet to Port Louis at 200km/h! Actually, a 45 min journey, speeded up by 8x (& 16x at the traffic jams).

Recorded on the N900. Edited using Windows Live Movie Maker. Inspired by Yashvin’s video – In the car – Asté dipain. :)

My initial idea was to do time-lapse photography. However, the app was buggy – kept the same exposure throughout & gives blank photos after 300 shots. So I decided to just record a video… Notice the N900 falling down at a certain speed-breaker! :p


Nirvan Knight

Great! sameme ki prend 10 hrs pu upload? LMAO! dans ki to ti eter? loto? & nice background music - Burning in the skies!


Non, sanla ti zis 82MB, took 100 mins to upload... Was trying to upload a higher bitrate version to remove the artifacts. Filesize was 230MB. Gave up after it told me it would take 7h!


hey b original video combien MB ?
45 min HD ?


Original was 1GB. 848x480. :)


topo net!
The vid is very nicely made, congrats! Kel patience lol, surtout pu upload sa. C sel zaffaire ki decourage mwa kant ena pu upload video :S

and lol at the camera falling after speedbreaker. This gives me an idea, should try it too :-)


That was my first try at 'dashboard' recording. & I was equally surprised that it turned out to be quite well. :)
Another fact about the video - it starts at around the same place where your video "ends." :P


So, it is the after-asté-dipain part :P


Yeah, near the bakery. :)

In the car - Pe alle travail. :P


try using iMovie for your video making, the size can be easily brought down.

Nice vid btw.


It's not about the size, but the quality. Video hosting sites' lossy conversion methods add loads of artifacts. So I had to upload at higher bitrates... :)


nice video. wht car were you in?


Not a car, it's a van. :)

Siganus Sutor

Very nice little video. Lamizik-la aussi al mari bien ar li. (Kapav gaign so mp3 sa ?)

At 1:51 you whizzed past Tabagie le Melon d'Eau, but it was too fast to notice if there was any watermelon left for sale. (Plus there was a red van parked in front of it.)

Sinon bann lapolice-la bizin fou net pou res dan milié simin ek bann loto ki roule sa vitesse-la ! :lol:

Eventually, what happened to 4988 DC 97 once you overtook it between Terre Rouge and Jin Fei roundabouts? A long-time companion lost within the blink of an eye...


@Siganus Sutor
Wai, capav gagner so mp3. Not really legally. :p

No idea, because the shopkeeper hadn't yet exposed his wares.

Lapolice bizin fer so travail... block la route. :)

For the DC 97 car, if you're not fast enough, you'll get overtaken. :)

Siganus K. Sutor

Kapav gaign mp3-la par e-mail ? (siganus point k at gmail point com)

"Lapolice bizin fer so travail... block la route." => Haha, how true! Dan gramatin kan mo al travay bonère ek ena pli boukou blokaz lor enn rond-point, mo dire "Bizin ena enn k... lapolis kinn fini vini la..." 9 fois lor 10 li vré.


I just saw that! It's an AWESOME idea! Great work!

Wonder why tourism promotion etc don't get great ideas like this!

If you add some motion blur to that video, it'll be all "Speed Racer" :D


Great quality!

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