Wednesday, March 9, 2011



80 km/h. Speed limit on the Triolet bypass.



But it’s so tempting to accelerate when you see such a straight line…

Location: -20.074655,57.554594


Siganus Sutor

At least they didn't put the speed limit at 50 km/h (or 30 as the case may be), with a camera shrewdly installed somewhere along the road, preferably where they would have had the greatest chance of catching people. That would have earned them big money. (But maybe you'll just have to wait for the next accident, which you will no doubt have one day or the other.)


@Siganus Sutor
They will definitely be using their mobile speed cameras on this road. Almost everyday, I see someone over-speeding.

Siganus Sutor

That's probably bad, but the police must also assess what is dangerous and what is not. I wouldn't say that driving at 90 km/h with no traffic on that straight stretch of road is particularly dangerous. But going at 90 km/h to be able to overtake a bus just before another car from the opposite direction goes past the bus, that is certainly something not to do. But such a judgement would require an additional effort from the Force...


It's not a dual carriageway. So, it's good that the limit is 80.

Anyway, is the traffic in Triolet more fluid? I know that the road is helpful for those who don't need to pass through Triolet. I want to know about those living in Triolet. :)


For the second picture, I so wish you had been in the middle of the road to shoot it. The perspective + mountains in the background would have been awesome!


Can't tell you because I use the bypass in the morning where it's near empty & in the afternoon, I return by bus at around 2pm when the roads aren't busy.

Was in the car. :p

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