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Never-ending trees bordering the road. Taken yesterday (using L20) near La Nicolière, Grande Rosalie to Ville Bague road.

Location: -20.14266, 57.61605


Siganus Sutor

Never ending... except that at the end of this long straight piece of road (if driving towards Villebague) there is a rather sharp bend that one must not miss if he's fallen half asleep.


It's the other way round actually, if you're driving towards the Old Flacq road, then that's a right angle bend. ;)

Siganus Sutor

Oh, my mistake, I thought that Ville Bague was on the other side of that long straight road. (In fact I must have thought of the “château de Villebague”, written in one word if memory serves me right, which is on this side I think, i.e. on the same side as The Mount and Pamplemousses —

Incidentally, these trees are terminalias, just like badamiers (Terminalia catappa). Their scientific name is Terminalia arjuna and they are also known as “arjun” —


Ok. That's the same map I've used to find out the names of the villages. :)

About these trees, I've always wanted to know when they have been planted? I guess they predate the asphalt road?


Driving? By car?


No, I don't drive. I love being a passenger. :)

Siganus Sutor

> Carrot

Yes, in all likelihood these trees were there before any asphalt. The must have been planted to provide shade to those who travelled on foot, whether human, oxen or horses. This is why today we can enjoy these beautiful roads, and it's a pity we don't do it anymore (we could plant them further away from the road's side if they represent a danger for motorised vehicles). It seems in the old days people thought about what would take place ten, twenty, fifty years down the road. Nowadays we can barely think about things for the next two years, five years being already beyond the horizon for most people.


One of my favourite places to drive through!

btw, nx time try get it on B&W...


B&W... I haven't experimented with that. Will try it next time. :)


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