Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Montagne Longue

Panorama 2_2

Panorama shot with N8.

Larger size – 1.68MB
Location: -20.124936, 57.562657



Also saw this…



Nice! :D
There is also a river nearby and a school, the one I attend. And I get to watch this view each day. :D


Yes, I saw your school, but didn't take any pics of it. :)

Siganus Sutor

This is one of the local place names to have been translated into English, against all usage. Who on earth is the Ma.r.tian who ever says “Monn al Long Mountain” or “Linn tir enn zoli foto Long Mountain”? The most ridiculous of all these names is probably “Tombeau Bay”, which doesn't even mean anything in English.


@Siganus Sutor
Grand Bay. :)

Siganus Sutor

Carrot, lot koté Moris ena enn lot plas ki bien komik dan labous bann étranzé ki koz anglé : “May Burg”.

Sinon, ena dimounn ki res Four Milestones isi ? Moi mo tia bien kontan abit Pawpaws Plain... (Si pa la, kikpar dan distrik Grapefruits.)


@Signaus Sutor
Mo reste 9eme mile. :)

Siganus Sutor

"Mile" ek enn sel -l ousa dé -l ?
Néviem Maïl ou Néviem Mil ?

Siganus Sutor

Carrot, Néviem Mil, Néviem Maïl ou Ninth Mile ? Enn sel -l ousa dé -l ?
En tou ka lor map gouvernman bann-la inn ékrir “seizième mille” :

Siganus Sutor

Carotte, tou coup sak coup mo bann commentaires pé aparet/disparet. Pas fichu de mettre dans le mille une fois pour toute...


@Siganus Sutor
Sorry boss, comments ti rentre dans spam. :)

Appellation - "9eme mille." Ecrit 9th Mile. :)

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