Saturday, May 1, 2010

Light Bulb

Light bulb

Was trying out PhotoShop CS5 today when I discovered Camera Raw. First time I’ve tried post-processing a photo. Apart from some cropping & exposure compensation, most of the photos uploaded here are untouched.
However, this photo wasn’t post-processed on Camera Raw, but on LightRoom 2. Fiddled with some of the settings (most of them I don’t know) & removed a stray strand of hair.
Original on Flickr.



Surprisingly, I used RAW only once, just to check it out...
All my pics are shot in JPEG mode since I rarely need to do some retouching. But I must say that I need to explore that RAW world and see what I can bring into my shots...

Raw takes lot of space... and even a 12MP picture too(more than 3mb).
That's why I shoot in 6MP(less than 1MB) when I know that I won't be using those pics that much...


My L20 obviously doesn't have RAW, but full-size 10MP photos with minimum jpeg compression is usually around 5MB. :S

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