Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Endless Screw


This is a lead screw, known in Creole/French as “vis sans fin.




& here’s how to machine it… Smile




Siganus Sutor

The "tour" (no idea how's the machine is called in English) has itself a “vis sans fin”. Decades ago I used to make threaded rods and other nasty screwing devices on something like that, and it was very important that the zouti went into the same groove une passe après l'autre, sinon les filets auraient été foutus. D'où l'importance de la “vis-mère” (à ne pas confondre avec une “fille-mère”).

You are doing that kind of stuff at the University of Mauritius?


Yes, the centre lathe (that's the "tour") has an Acme lead screw to keep a constant cutting speed for the tool.

Yes, a friend of mine had to machine this part for his final year project.

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