Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Millennium Tower


Millennium monument. White elephant.

Location: -20.302933, 57.535491


Siganus Sutor

White? I might therefore have a vision problem, because I see it more like Elmer.

I once stood on top of that "thing". It seems fairly high when you're up there. On the architect's drawing the ring of raised stones was much farther away from the central tower, and it looked much much better. Unfortunately the architect died before the whole thing was completed. It might have made the setup look nicer, but I'm not sure it would have made it any more useful.


@Siganus Sutor
Ring of raised stones? The architect was inspired by Stonehenge or the Washington Monument? Interesting.

Siganus Sutor

Yes, on your photo we can see some big stones placed in an upright position around the "monument". On the architect's artistic drawing there were many of them, more than what can currently be seen on site, and they were making a much larger circle. It definitely had something of Stonehenge — on paper.

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