Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pieds Dans L’eau

UOM - pied dans l'eau

University of Mauritius, last Saturday. Faculty of Social Studies & Humanities.


UOM - Faculty of Social Studies & Humanities

Couldn't take more photos because I ran out of "film."


UOM - Cafeteria

Near cafeteria.


UOM - Cafeteria

UOM, c’est un plaisir.



Swimming Poool!!!!

Kurt Avish

Huh for a while I was stunned by the part "Couldn't take more photos because I ran out of "film." LOL.


That's why there was no one there... *cough* :p

Yep, my memory card was filled up. Need to buy a bigger one.


haha! Trop bon this one.
Si pas piscine, ti cpv faire ene bassin pu nourri crevettes devant cafeteria. That was one of my "jokes kk" during uni days lol!


Anou ale fer pachak pachak dan de lo :P

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