Thursday, February 24, 2011

Galaxy S


First impressions with first ever Android device – Samsung GT-i9000 Galaxy S, running on Froyo 2.2.1.

Camera & its UI – crap. (Ha! That’s usually the first thing I check out on phones… :P)

Big, crisp 4.0” SuperAMOLED screen. Like N8, but brighter. The capacitive touchscreen is LESS RESPONSIVE than the resistive one on my N900. Except when I was using pinch-to-zoom. Weird.
Body - light, but plasticky….
Hardware buttons – was an options & a back/exit button really needed? I doubt it.



Tried a few apps, & they were all ok, nothing exceptional. Top battery/notifications bar with slide-down-to-reveal is quite good. Lack of Wifi, I didn’t test the browser or the Google services, but I guess their implementation must be top-notch… Didn’t get a chance to try out the keyboard either. So that ends my 5-min hands-on with the Galaxy S.

To wrap-up, I‘m struggling to figure out what really makes Android stand out? For me, it seems to be exactly like the iPhone – all about apps! & some mods/customizations. I hope some Android users can shed some light on this. Comments are most welcomed. :)





You actually bought the phone to review it? Or were handed one for review?

You have to say whether it's stock Froyo UI or whether Samsung applied their own skin. Doesn't seem to be default to me.

( Thanks for "related" btw :) )


No, it's a friend's phone. Tried it out for a few mins.

Looks like Samsung's TouchWiz UI...


Can't you get him to give it to you for a "few hours" or a "few days"? A review of N8 vs Galaxy S would be great.

Well, not something as extensive and in-depth as your multi-part N8 review, but considering how both phones have great hardware, it'd be a good review, no?


Imagine someone asking me to borrow my N900 for a few days... Exactly. I don't think anyone would part away with their phone. :P

That said, if I'd be comparing the N8 vs the Galaxy S, it certainly wouldn't be in terms of the hardware, but the software. ;)

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