Friday, April 22, 2011

Triolet to Réduit

A better title would have been traffic jams in Mauritius….

Contrary to the previous video (Triolet to Port Louis), using the new Triolet bypass road and the motorway from Calebasses.

A 1 hour journey recorded on the N900 and edited on Windows Live Movie Maker. 6 hours to upload.



I like !

Siganus Sutor

Gosh, already blocked near Calebasses' roundabout... (But getting into Port-Louis proper didn't look that bad on that day.) There are alternate routes I didn't know about — I might look for them next time.

An amazing thing is that despite the tremendous speed at which you were driving you didn't get flashed at Camp Chapelon! What's your trick?


I like this. I'm homesick haha


Thank you! :)

LOL :p


Nirvan Knight

Sa vitesse to fer Paille? 120 km/h? Awesome and these things come out of a creative mind! I appreciate what u did...

Siganus Sutor

Near the end of the movie, just before arriving on the main roundabout at Le Réduit, there is a particularly ugly building that can be seen on the left-hand side. What is it?

(But I quite like the shadow of the clouds moving on the mountains around Port-Louis.)



Some say that it looks like an inverted Decepticon logo. All we know is that it's the MBC HQ.

For the clouds, I noticed it only after speeding up the video. Wonderful effect.

Siganus Sutor

We know, we know, but are we sure? It could well be an astroport for Martian invaders. Just consider the amount of barbed wire that has been put all around.




Lol. Yeah Great :)

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