Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pointe aux Biches

Panorama 1_3

This is a panorama of the same beach featured in Coconut Tree.
Taken with N8. Wide-angle lens certainly helps. :)

Larger size – 3.8MB
Location: -20.045206, 57.532256



Nice colors. Does N8 has a panorama mode or you stitched them altogether? (how many pics to make this one?)


No, the N8 doesn't have any panorama mode. Although Nokia does provide a free panorama app, I haven't tested it yet.

For this photo, I took 10 vertical photos & stitched in Arcsoft Panorama Maker (& then rotated & cropped). :)

Siganus Sutor

Kot bann bis ? Mo pa tour zot. (Ena bis CNT laba, ousa zis TBS ?)


Ena zis TBS içi. En passant, ena en termninus bus non loin de la.

Siganus Sutor

Abé enn vrai Pointe Bis alors.

BTW, "-20.045206, 57.532256": what about the altitude? (A tolerance of ± 1cm would be accepted.)


Altitude would be around 1.5±0.5 m above sea level. :)


I am at pointes aux biches everyday. I should try to shoot pano one day.


Great weather


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