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Dholl Puri


2 pairs siouplait… 2 x Rs 12….













Hmm… sa ki bon sa!


So… the dholl puri/dal puri/dhal puri/dhol puri/dalpuri/dal pourri/dholl pourri/dal puree/daal puri/rotten dholl…

Some say it’s a typical Mauritian dish, and that only seasoned street vendors (Dewa & co) know the secret of that smooth buttery feel. All we know is… that a quick Google search reveals it is quite common in countries influenced by Indian cuisine. However, as a street food that is so deeply entrenched in a nation’s culture, there is no parallel. The national fast-food of Mauritius is indeed the dholl puri.

So, how to prepare it?



First step - you’ve got to boil the dal (split peas). Some turmeric powder added to the water will be beneficial.




Then you have to process the dal into the filling which will be added to the dough. (That’s the hardest part)



Sure, you can use a blender, but it won’t have the same consistency.



In the meantime, you can prepare your dough. Flour, oil, water, salt & yellow colouring (or turmeric powder).



Top the dough with some oil & leave it for a few hours (5h).



To prepare your dholl puris, you have to mould the dough into small balls.



The next step consists of filling the centre of the balls with the processed dal.



Flatten the dough & work it into a round shape. & then further flatten it using the chowki/belna (rolling board/pin).



Brush with oil & cook on the tawa.



Last step. Eat.

[Usually accompanied with cari gros pois dans masala, kacchu, giromon, chouchou, rougaille, satini coco, salade, achard, etc…]





One thing that is noteworthy is that home made dholl puris and dholl puris sold at the street corners are poles apart ;)


Well, the reason I posted this is because, after years of trial, this home-made one (ignoring the look) has reached nearly 75% of the smoothness & softness of the street ones. ;)


I'm definitely gonna give it a try.

Thx for the step by step procedure.

Siganus Sutor

Quand nou ti lékol enn pair dal pouri ti enn roupie. La plipar ditan nou ti pran enn démi pair. Pa enn dal pouri, non : enn “démi pair” — pou 50 sous.

Aster enn zour enn boug pou bizin ékrir enn thesis kifer dal pouri abitié vann par pair.


@Siganus Sutor
Bizin invente dal pouri "Aka."

Eddy Young

For the record, west-indians make excellent dholl puris. I ordered from a Jamaican woman in England a few times.

Thanks for the recipe :)


Siganus Sutor

Carrot, ki été sa "dal pouri Aka"-la ?


This is @James UOM...Am i right?!


@Siganus Sutor
"... roti aka started it was for the “enflés” who used to work on the docks because these workers needed to eat these food to have enough energy to do such tasks. This is why the rotis are so big and when you have eaten one you feel so full and heavy."

Yea! :D

Siganus Sutor

Carrot, I heard about "roti Aka" yesterday (or the day before). Apparently they are sold at various locations, one of them being near the Jardin de la Compagnie, and are famous for their thickness. "Enn sel assez" said my young colleague.


Lol ti ena ene temps mo ti content petit dejeune dhall puri mais depi line vine Rs 12.00 mone aret asT :p ... ha bane foto la fer moi re-envi manzer.


Mo fine mange dalpouri Dewa, Elahee, Desforge, LaPaille, QuatreBornes, La Chaussee, theatre PortLouis etc. Mo ene grand fan dalpouris et fine mange tous par centaines depi mo zenfan. Best dalpouri c dalpouri Beau-Bassin ki pres are college la Confiance.


fanks fanks,,,,,p flat mo b.f so dholl puri kumsa lol,,,,:) fier d"etre.......:P


my video / ma vidéo :;-)Encore merci à ma pension de famille de Mahebourg (orient) et à vous tous les mauriciens pour votre gentilesse....Ne changez pas même si les flots de touristes débarquent de + en + de leurs charters en direction de leurs hotels resorts 5 étoiles surveillés comme des prisons... 


Désolé le lien n'est pas bon...

voici le bon lien:

au fait comment les mauriciens ecrivent le dhal puri?
je trouve sur le net beaucoup d'othographe:
dal puri, dhal puri, dhall puri, dhol puri, dholl puri, dhol poori... bref je suis un peu perdu...que dois-je ecrire dans le titre pour etre en accord avec l'othographe le plus courant?



Je dois avouer que personne ne connait l'orthographe exact. Mais, dal puri, c'est ok. :)


the best dal puris i've had were at the plaisance lounge amedee maingard; the waitress told me it was from tropical times. i'm back in mauritius trying to find tropical times or the supplier of dal puris to the air mauritius lounge at plaisance but so far no success. could someone working at plaisance lounge enlighten me please? reason why they,re best : not greasy; no msg; unlike dewa's which have got msg leaving me extremely thirsty forever afterwards & too greasy/heavy!!!


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