Saturday, November 20, 2010

Enn Lipied Lor Volant


Another #orangemauritiusfail? Who would bother reading the text?



Why not a pictogram?


Nirvan Knight

" When you drive, don't read what written on billboards! " - That's the correct sentence which they needed to put, yeah, that was another Epic Fail!!!

Siganus Sutor

Nirvan: When you drive, don't read what written on billboards!

It's probably high time they passed a law against the proliferation of billboards, which can be dangerous for drivers indeed (and which constitutes also an increasingly ugly visual pollution).
Carrot, what is represented on your third pictogram (the white one)? A headstone in a cemetery by any chance?

The word "tombe" might not be relevant to a substantial part of the population though, because — unless you have a samadhi — when you are a Hindu you are not supposed to have a funeral monument like a grave (in which you would be buried). But...

But very often you hear people speak of "enn lanterma" to mention a ceremony during which no burial is actually taking place. Mauritius, c'est un plaisir, n'est-ce pas?


@Siganus Sitor
Yes, that's a headstone.

Here's one more mauricianisme - samadhis are often referred to as "tombes."

Siganus Sutor

When one reads the Wikipedia article about Samadhi ("Samadhi (समाधि samādhi, is the state of consciousness induced by complete meditation"), it is hard to believe that the word that enshrines our father's memory has such an acceptation.

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