Monday, May 10, 2010


Yet another eBay purchase… an 8GB Kingston microSD card.


Priced at $22 (Rs 700), this is a Class 4 SDHC compliant card. No, my camera doesn’t support microSD, so I’ll be using it with the SD adapter. From the 17 photos on the my old 128MB MMC card, I can now take 1227 full 10MP resolution photos! :D

Total purchases for the camera so far – Camera case, microSD card & 4 AA rechargeable batteries+charger = Rs 2000.
Plus, there’s also a $1 mini tripod being shipped somewhere in Hong Kong. All that for a Rs 3500 camera

Yes, I agree with Yashvin, photography is a very costly hobby! :P


Once again, I agree with someone – eBay is very addictive. Proof is this $1.5 3 LED Solar Powered Flashlight Torch Key Chain.


Extremely bright light… like the LED flash on phone cameras!



hehe thanks for the link ;)

And this is only the beginning...


Euh carrot, 8gb card is almost the same price in Mtius. between Rs700 - 750



Coz I see the same Kingston 8GB MicroSD at Rs 1363 here.


Fastclick. . MO aster ban pc parts ect la ba meme aster. zot bien cheap ki good quality. .


Ok. :)

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