Thursday, July 1, 2010



Brass oil lamp. Neighbour’s cats love drinking the oil…



Somehow, curiosity didn’t burn the cat…



Quote "Been there, done that" :) [ Related to event : ]
Yeps can see that, its kind of annoying, cause I was planning to do something very much similar :(
With a flame, most probably an oil lamp. :S

But its a better initiative than the first two themes launched.
It forces the participants to learn something "new" [for those who does not know about it] and to put it into use in the contest. Its not a point and click in whatever way I want to anymore :)

Hope you'll still be participating into the contest though :)

Ohh and great shot by the way :)
Really like the way you captured the overall picture, with the burning cord in view!!


Quote: "Been there, done that"

Yeps, I can see that :)
Its a great shot too!! Like the way you capture the overall picture, with the glow on the burning cord.

Its kinda annoying too cause I was planning to do a composition very much similar. :(
Flames of a lamp on the lower right corner, taking up 4 out of the 9 segments.
ohh well, will have to try for another composition now :)

Thanks for sharing

Hope you will still participate though :)


Yeah, I will have to think up of something else now... ;)

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