Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Neem Tree


The Indian Lilac (Azadirachta indica).



Known for its medicinal properties (mostly the leaves & bark).




Siganus Sutor

On the first two photos the texture of the bark looks particularly attractive. How is it used?

Yesterday I heard a joke about bark (in which no dog was featured, but a horse):

— Pourquoi Napoléon n'attachait-il jamais son cheval à un arbre ?
— Pour qu'il ne mange pas l'écorce.

(PS – Why can't I just put my name as a signature?)


@Siganus Sutor
I'm not sure how the bark is used, probably crushed & used in concoctions. But I've used the leaf paste - great at treating skin conditions.

Name as signature? I don't know? It should work... :|

Diede Klever

@ carrotmadman6. Are these pictures available for the use on another website? I would like to use them on our productwebsite.

Best regards,



No, these photos are not for commercial use. If used, they should be properly credited. Let me know if & where you want to use them.

Diede Klever

Is there a website where  I can purchase them? Otherwise, can I get your contact information so we can discuss this?

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