Sunday, March 18, 2012

2 years


It’s been 2 years now since I own my camera… & since I last posted a post like this one, many things have happened. :)



As is the case with every blog, this one as well as has matured, leaving a considerable decrease in the meaningless random posts. Well, I still post those random photos everyday (like this rose), except it’s now on Flickr. That’s where all my photographic experiments are being uploaded now. ;)



I love writing and I love taking photos snapshots. Combine both in excess amount and you get something of epic proportions… & that major turning point came when I climbed Le Pouce. From thereon, the exploration bug caught me & I embarked on numerous such journeys, each culminating into a massive post. (All the epic posts are listed in the footer at the bottom of this blog.)

Le Pouce, Lion Mountain, Black River Peak, Corps de Garde and Mt. des Signaux. Apart from Pieter Both, that’s all the major peaks done. So what next? As I mentioned in the last post, I need to capture all the natural landmarks of Mauritius before they’re ruined. That includes Sept Cascades and the coast - which means a road trip!

& maybe another walk down the Black River Gorges on another trail & eventually the islands – like Ile aux Aigrettes.



21,937 photos & still counting… That wouldn’t have been possible without my camera. What a battering it has taken. So happy birthday, dear Nikon L20!

I still have a lot to learn in photography. Just this week, I discovered what’s metering mode – spot, centre-weighted and frame average. :P

I would also like to thank all the blogs & photoblogs who have genuinely inspired me through their various posts related to Mauritius. Do go through some of them - again in the footer.



179 posts, 711 comments and 47,270 pageviews.

Nothing pleases me more than when I see someone discovering a post through Google Search and then spends an hour clicking through all the related posts. So, thank you very much, dear faithful and accidental readers. I’m open to suggestions and critics. :)





 Not yet... :)


Thank you for writing these awesome posts! You inspire people to protect Mother Nature and definitely, your blog is far more effective than a MID lecture. I would love to see your posts in a book or newspapers one day. Cheers! :-)

Yashvin Awootar

Not one, but rather another road tripS!!! :P

The photoblog has been a great initiative on your behalf, for your own photography learning curve as well as making us, the readers, discover our island in the minute details. Nobody has ever described your different trips as you did. On top of that, you usually do the research and provide us with archives and historical data related to the post. Kudos for that.

This said, we now need to see how LegoMan can innovate. Are you thinking to get him married soon? He seriously needs to retire himself, his colors are wearing off :PGood work mate!


 & thank you for being an avid reader. ;)


Yes! Road trips! I've been planning one since a long time... it's been postponed for various reasons since last year. It's almost as if it's jinxed. :P

Thank you. LegoMan is forever alone (with his twin)! :D


Congrats! I may not comment much but I've been following this photoblog since the start and I love your pictures. :)



Professional Photography

These are really cool pics i love your work keep up the good work.

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