Wednesday, November 9, 2011



Today, I noticed that my neighbour’s cat was going upstairs several times. While they are free to roam the yards & the walls, going inside the house is unusual for them. Going upstairs, I heard what sounded like faint meows. Rummaging & banging around some boxes, I couldn’t hear it again. & then I tried to imitate a cat’s meow. From a box, I heard some faint replies & after removing all of its contents, I found a kitten hidden deep inside the box…



3 new-born kittens in fact. Hardly 2 or 3 days old & still blind.



What happened was that the cat had carried all them of them from the neighbour’s house & dumped them inside the box. These kittens, buried inside, would have probably starved or be crushed to death if I hadn’t heard them… Sadly though, I couldn’t keep them for lolcat training & had to return them to the neighbour.

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