Saturday, June 25, 2011


After the twilight series, here’s another set of sun panoramas. Dawn.
The video isn’t that good because of the trees blocking the landscape…


Panorama 5_3

Panorama 2_3

Taken back in March, with the “super-moon” in the background.


Panorama 4_3



Last week, after the eclipse.

Larger sizes – panorama 1, panorama 2, panorama 3, panorama 4 & panorama 5. [3-5MB]



beautiful :)

Siganus Sutor

At this time of the year one doesn't need to wake up too early to see dawn. :D

This morning I was saying to Mrs Columbo that winter hasn't really arrived yet, but I'm wondering why this poor palm tree is shivering like that.

The movement of the clouds is great. How do you do to take such a long series of pictures and how do you hold your camera?


Thanks! :)

@Siganus Sutor
Actually, it was a 1.5h video sped up 32x. It wasn't even my camera, but a phone which I left out on the roof & came back for it later.

Siganus Sutor

You have a telephone that can film for 1.5 hours?! The file size must be huge in the end, no? Then what do you use to speed up the movie? Would Windows Movie Maker (which normally comes with Windows if I'm not mistaken, though I can't see it on the computer I'm using right now) be able to do it?


@Siganus Sutor
Yeah, it was a phone which I got for review, the Nokia E7. The video recording limit was 1.5h, otherwise I would have recorded a longer video. Initial video footage was in HD (720p) with file size 2.6GB.
I had to convert it to a lower resolution (took over 3h) to be able to process it and then sped up using Movie Maker.

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