Thursday, December 23, 2010

Angry Bird


Early Christmas gift from WOMWorld Nokia, a red Angry Bird toy! Yay! :D



The red Angry Bird looking over its precioussss eggs…



If you remember in the post Nest, I had taken photos of a newly-built nest on my “pié sapin.” In fact, just two days later, two eggs magically appeared in it! But with no bird in sight…



The next day, one more egg was added… & the bird finally revealed itself to be a zozo condé. The famous Oiseau Condé or the Red-Whiskered Bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus)…



Sadly, my plans of hearing the tweets of little chicks were dashed when the zozo condé abandoned the nest & its eggs.

So these eggs are still there 1 week later  & I have no idea what to do with them… Incubate them? How to feed the newborns then?



Coming back to the red Angry Bird, it’s a little more than just a stuffed toy! Notice those elastic bands… Yes, it’s a slingshot!



& the best part? Pull the sling & launch the red Angry Bird onto little pigs, & tada! It makes the same sounds as in the game! The toy makes Angry Bird noises when you toss it around! Fantastic! :D



Thanks to the N8 sent by Nokia, I’ve been treated to addictive experience of playing Angry Birds! There really couldn’t be any better gift for me than this Angry Bird toy!

Merry Christmas!!! :D



HAHAHAHAHAH ... this post made my day :D


btw what are you going to do with the eggs ? oO


Dunno. :|

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